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  • 10240 MBDisk space
  • UnlimitedMonthly data transfer
  • 10FTP accounts
  • 10Email boxes
  • 10MySQL Database


  • cPanel
  • SEO tools
  • CGI Scripts
  • Ruby, PHP, MySQL
  • 1 Click Installer


  • SMTP
  • Subdomains
  • Forced Ads
  • Site Builder
  • Account Blocking

About Hackershubh

Hackershubh is proudly providing free hosting since October 2011 without taking any rest. We use latest technology to host our clients. Our customer support system helps our clients in real time without any profit. We never post any kind of advertise on our client's site. And we never close any account without any reason like other free hosting service.

System Information Apache version: 2.2.3, PHP version: 5.3.14, MySQL version: 5.5.28, Operating system: Linux, Kernel Version: 2.6.32-279, Architecture: x86_64 On 24/12/2012


We are proud to announce an unbelievable fast free web hosting service! Use the navigation links at the top to find out more information about our services and to sign up for a free account.

CEO, Hackershubh.